The ITA-CET committee has developed ready-made programmes for one to two-day training sessions, which can be organized by the ITACET Foundation on request. These programmes can be tailored to meet the client's requirements.


Management of (User) Safety in Underground Facilities

To provide an introduction to the safe use and operation of underground infrastructures and space with an emphasis on rail, road and metro tunnels.

The seminar will provide a general overview to be followed by more in-depth sessions on the management of operational safety during the life of underground facilities, risk associated with the specific of use of the facility, generic safety issues in the use of tunnels.
The seminar is aimed at Clients, Designers, Consultants and Contractors.

Mechanized Tunnelling

Information for Tunnellers on Mechanized Tunnelling

Monitoring and Control in Tunnelling

Due to the great variability in the ground conditions, monitoring has an essential role in Tunnelling.

It is the only effective mean to allow the tunnel design and construction procedures to be adjusted and validated.
The course is of interest for owner, designer and construction engineers, supervisors and managers.

Principles for Tunnel Design (2-day programme)

To provide design and construction elements to young professionals related to the best practice of tunnel design.

Underground Space Use

Introduction for engineers, architects, planners and public administrators to the use of underground space to increase liveability and sustainability in urban areas and in other key public resource regions.

The seminar will identify key issues that need to be considered when using underground space and will show how these key issues are dealt with on a worldwide basis.

Risk Management

Introduction to the Risk Management process throughout a project cycle from planning, designing, construction and implementation of a tunnel or underground project with specific focus for Owners and Decision Makers, Consulting Engineers, Contractors and others with an interest in risk management activities

Site investigation

New Topic

Software application in Tunnelling

A short course for  Tunnel Engineers focusing on the present state-of-the-art Software-controlled Methods in virtually all fields of Tunnel Engineering and Construction.